is a service for validating a user’s affiliation with an academic institution. It can validate if a user is a student, a member of staff or faculty, or alumni.

To validate students InAcademia uses the information provided by the home institution (University) of the user. In general, this information is up-to-date, and the identity of the user has been thoroughly verified by the institution, e.g. by validating the users national ID. The service allows merchants to initiate a validation request at the service endpoint. The user is then asked by to login to his/her home institution to prove he/she is a member of the community. If login was successful, the response is passed back to the requesting merchant.

During such a transaction, the service does not directly release the attributes received from the Institutional Identity Management systems towards the requesting merchant. Instead it interprets the response from the Identity provider of the Institution.

What happens if I can’t use InAcademia

Some countries or institutions need to opt-in to enable InAcademia to validate identities. If you can’t use InAcademia then please contact your university IT department to ask if they can opt-in to InAcademia.