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Case Study: Koninklijke Bibliotheek

InAcademia allows you to request verification in real-time using trusted authentication services without having to subscribe to, or offer your services through, a market place or third-party portal. The Koninklijke Bibliotheek (KB) is the national...

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FAQs for Merchants

How does it validate student credentials? InAcademia uses information maintained by the home institution (University) of the user to validate eligibility to services and discounted products. The InAcademia service allows merchants to initiate a...

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InAcademia for Identity Federations

InAcademia leverages the existing eduGAIN service acting as a proxy service to service providers that need only validate the academic affiliation of a user. Offering InAcademia via your Federation offers a lighter weight option for SPs, therefore...

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InAcademia for Institutions

InAcademia is brought to you by the same organisations that operate eduroam and MyAcademicID. Through its utilisation of eduGAIN, InAcademia is the real-time, digital equivalent of showing a student card to service providers that offer discounts or...

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InAcademia for Merchants

When you’re looking to target the student and academic community in your online sales plan, sometimes you need to be certain that the users claiming offers, discounts and services are entitled to do so. InAcademia is ideally positioned to provide a...

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