InAcademia can be used by a huge range of organisations to help their business or their users.  Below is a set of examples of how InAcademia can work for you.

Online Services

A software company offering various services for students, including reduced price office software or training services using eduGAIN alone to access student information would still need to deal with potentially thousands of organisations, and providing services to each new institute would require separate arrangements including metadata handling etc. InAcademia provides a simple, single point of contact and significantly lowers the costs and manpower required for delivering these kinds of services.

Supporting Local Businesses

Many SMEs (for example theatres and concert venues), would like to offer digital services to their local student communities for ticket booking and reservations. The upfront investment for joining a national identity federation to identify students, both technically as well as contractually, is too much work for many small businesses. InAcademia enables these small business to leverage ‘studentness’ as part of their commercial offerings without the significant cost of both capital and staff effort.

Quick and Easy Identification

In some EU countries email addresses in use by academia can be recognized by their extension, for example “” in the UK. Some merchants use this identifier as a means to determine ‘studentness’. However, apart from the fact that staff will also have such an email address, many institutions are abandoning providing student email, and allow students to self-register private email addresses. In other countries, like The Netherlands, institutional email addresses cannot be filtered by extension, and in addition students are also allowed the use of self-registered email addresses. Therefore these organisations using email addresses as identifiers need to have alternative methods of validation, often manual approaches such as scans of student ID cards. These are costly, time consuming and can delay sign-up.

InAcademia’s simple, fast and secure validation solves this problem.

Data Privacy

Many Institutions prefer to release as little personal information as possible to external parties. This makes it difficult to make bilateral agreements with small merchants. InAcademia allows for a lightweight authentication process for these cases where merchants need a simple “Yes/No” answer, reducing the costs of setting up services and ensuring maximum take-up of the service.