InAcademia for Merchants

Accessing and Supporting the Academic Community

The academic community is huge. With over 50 million people in more than 10,000 institutions across Europe it is a marketplace that can’t be ignored.

Many organisations offer students and staff special discounts or deals. From student railcards, offers on everything from clothes to concert tickets, to free or discounted software and services, the academic community and suppliers to the academic community are working together all the time.

For physical stores it is reasonably easy to reliably identify students and staff through identity cards or passes but for on-line services it can be much harder and more expensive.

Requiring students to scan and email an identity card takes effort and then those scans have to be manually checked and verified, making offering special deals time consuming and costly. Often it is too difficult to check IDs so either offers aren’t available on-line or they can be open to abuse.

Validation – Solved

InAcademia aims to solve these problems and provide merchants a quick, easy, reliable and secure way to verify identities. It does this by using the student’s existing university identity which is issued by their institution. InAcademia adds a small link to the merchant’s website where the students can verify themselves and the merchant is provided with an authentication code to confirm the student’s status in real-time.

As a customer of InAcademia, there is no need to request and check photographs of IDs or check email addresses against lists of valid institutions. Everything happens either during registration or checkout on your website.

Get Connected

InAcademia works with the higher education federation for identity, authentication and authorisation (AAI). The technical infrastructure of InAcademia takes care of the interaction with the identity providers at the various education institutes across Europe.


By offering your customers our “I’m a student” button, students will recognize the possible student discounts. Validation can happen in real-time, reducing abandoned checkouts and increasing conversion.