Q&A for Students

The service isn’t sold directly to students but we provide answers to some of the questions that we’ve been asked by users of the service who’d like to be prepared for questions from students who are asked to validation their affiliation using InAcademia.

What is it?

InAcademia is a service that can be used by organisations to validate if a potential customer is entitled to its academic discounts and services. InAcademia does not form part of the supply chain in buying the product or service, instead it’s an auxiliary service that prevents the need for you to send scans or originals of your identity documents to the organisations you wish to buy from or connect with.

*When your institution participates in the eduGAIN Interfederation (see www.edugain.org for more details)

Is it secure?

InAcademia is a safe and secure way to take advantage of student deals without having to share personal documentation with each retailer. What is great about InAcademia is that it uses your existing University ID to authenticate you.  When you click the “InAcademia” button in a retailer’s shopping cart you will be guided to your institution’s access management system* and will be asked to enter your usual login credentials. This allows the InAcademia service to send a validation response to the online shop, proving to them you are indeed a student. No information regarding your personal institutional user account is passed through to the retailer and InAcademia does not have any access to the content of your retail or registration transaction with the merchant.

Are any of the details of my purchase shared with my home institution?

No: InAcademia is intentionally unaware of any aspect of your purchase, whether basket content, subscription, type, price or delivery address. InAcademia takes no part in the payment or supply chain concerning the transaction with the organisation you’re engaging with.

Do I need to register my personal details with the InAcademia Service?

No: the InAcademia Service uses your institutional credentials via the eduGAIN single-sign on service.

Can I sign up to InAcademia?

Your institution can join InAcademia via its national identity federation, but you cannot sign up personally as we do not offer the service directly to end users. Speak with your Institution’s IT department for more information.

I clicked InAcademia and I got an error message – what now?

It might be that your Institution isn’t part of eduGAIN or that your Institution has opted not to use the Service. Please speak with your Institution’s IT department; InAcademia responds to support requests from Institutions and Merchants, and does not offer support services to affiliates of Institutions.

I got an ‘Error no affiliation’ or ‘Error not attributes’ message – what do I do?

An error occurred while we were handling your validation request.

Although your institution is listed as supporting InAcademia, we did not receive the correct information from your institution to complete validating your affiliation. Please contact your institution support desk and ask them to contact their IdP manager to help resolve this issue.

How does InAcademia affect my relationship with retailers?

The Service makes no attempt to create a relationship with users/students and its operators are in no way responsible or in any way obligated toward the student for the products/services subject to the purchase or registration process.  InAcademia does not act as an agent for the student, and the identity validation process is a non-linear diversion (sense for student reader?) that does not relate to the sale itself.