What is it?

Secure and trustworthy
InAcademia is a safe and secure way to take advantage of student deals without having to share personal documentation with each retailer. When you click the “I’m a Student” button in a retailer’s shopping cart you will be guided to your institution’s access management system* and will be asked to enter your usual login credentials. This allows the InAcademia service to send a validation response to the online shop, proving to them you are indeed a student.

Is it secure?

You don’t have to send scans or originals of your documents to online stores
InAcadema is secure and safe: It is based on the connection to your educational institution. No information regarding your personal institutional user account is passed through to the retailer.

What is great about InAcademia is that it uses your existing University ID to authenticate you. This means there are no extra IDs or passwords to create or remember. Most importantly this information is not sent to or stored by the website, meaning your identity is protected.

Seeing the InAcademia logo or  ina button lets you know you can get great deals quickly, easily and securely.

Recognise us

Look for us at every online shop you visit.
InAcademia is a very new service, however we aim for our logo and button to be as commonly recognised as the well known payment providers. You can help us help you by looking for the InAcademia logo and button in every online shop you visit!

*When your institution participates in the eduGAIN Interfederation (see www.edugain.org for more details)