Release Notes

Release SVS 2.6.0 (14th December 2020)

  • Implemented enhancements to specified error flows
  • Minor update to consent details
  • Further enhancements to internal logging, monitoring and debugging capabilities

Release SVS 2.5.0 (30th November 2020)

  • Implemented new ‘Assert idp_hint’ feature
  • Enabled new ‘Attribute override’ feature
  • Implemented enhancements to specified error flows

Release SVS 2.4.0

  • Fixed issue with alias micro service in case the alias was not directing to a known resource
  • Improved error message in case a request was made for a claim that is not allowed
  • Updated consent screen and associated translations
  • Updated service OIDC metadata .wellknown endpoint to better reflect supported configuration(s)
  • Improved SAML support by accepting both signed assertions or signed responses
  • Support for ‘affiliate’ verification removed

Release 2.3.1

  • Adds dependencies to resolve interoperability with Shibboleth 4.0 IdP providing enhanced support for Shibboleth v4 encryption profiles
  • Improves logging of user flow
  • Localizes all js and css dependencies for consent screen.

Release SVS 2.2.0

  • Resolves XSS vulnerability issue
  • Resolves CVE-2020-5390 vulnerability in pySAML
  • Applied fix to id persistence when restarting InAcademia
  • Various minor changes to fix dependency breakage

Updated dependencies:

  • Updated pyOP to 2.0.8
  • Updated pySAML2 to 5.0.0

InAcademia Release 2.0

Based on feedback from our pilot partners we have improved the features of the InAcademia service. In addition some issues were fixed.

  • We consolidated our SAML backend to one and for better interaction with institutions.
  • We support discovery hinting
  • We support redirect to a custom error page when the IdP doesn’t release necessary attributes.
  • We improved support for affiliation attribute handling.
  • We have improved support for getting the domain claim.
  • We have improved support for generating persistent pairwise sub.
  • We support generating transient pairwise sub even if we don’t get one from the institution.
  • We support Identity Provider blacklisting.
  • We support offloading audit logs to a log server for statistics.
  • We have a new UI for the consent screen.
  • We have improved error messages and handling.