To validate academic users InAcademia relies on the worldwide eduGAIN Interfederation. This page lists the countries and the organisations that are participating in eduGAIN and whose academic users therefore can be validated.

Countries Covered by eduGAIN

eduGAIN World Map eduGAIN Europe Map

Organisations Covered by InAcademia

If an organisation has the symbol ✅ after their name this means that their users in the past could successfully verified or that we are very confident for other reasons that users can be verified with InAcademia. Users from organisations without the green tick in many cases also can be verified but we are less confident for them because no user has used InAcademia yet.

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Note: Even though the list above should be quite accurate, it is not 100% correct. This has to do with the fact that a few identity federations don’t publish all their Identity Providers in SAML2 metadata due to their architecture, which hides organisations behind a hub. For these so-called hub&spoke federations, the organisations are parsed the federation’s web site, which is not always very accurate. Also, users from organisations in hub&spoke federations may not have direct access to all eduGAIN services without an administrator of that organisation first granting access to a particular service.