Here you can find guidance about registering your service to use InAcademia. 

Please feel free to contact us if you need assistance.

If you're a student and you need help to access an offer or discount, please contact the retailer of the product or service you're interested in; we do not provide a membership or registration service for students.

Merchants: Registering Your Service

To register as a customer of InAcademia, the InAcademia Service requires some administrative data, and needs to validate some of your technical configuration, as well as to agree terms of business. This page describes the procedure you need to...

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Institutions: How to Enable InAcademia

Enabling InAcademia is straightforward: because InAcademia acts as a Service Provider the process is just like interacting with any other Service Provider for your users. Check the prerequisites below, before moving onto the steps. More information...

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Institutions: Test your Affiliation Status

Test Your Affiliation Status Institutions: Test your Affiliation Status Test on this page if your institution is able to validate your affiliation. To start the test if your institution is able to assist in InAcademia affiliation validation, please...

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