FAQs for Identity Federations

How does InAcademia validate academic affiliation?

InAcademia leverages the eduGAIN interfederation, acting as a proxy service to services that need only validate the academic affiliation of a user. Offering InAcademia via your Federation offers a lighter weight option for services that would...

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What is a merchant?

A merchant is an e-commerce organisation that provides its customers (users) access to academic discounts and services. Merchants are customers of the InAcademia service.

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How is InAcademia governed?

InAcademia was  created by a group of Identity Federation operators and is actively managed by members of Identity Federations under the GEANT Project. You can have a say, and can actively be involved in influencing the InAcademia future direction...

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What services are registered with InAcademia?

Country Service Operating Merchant Austria educom.at, edustore.at and educlub.at Edustore GmbH ubook.at ACP TechRent Student Mobility BV Student Mobility BV SlideMagic free pro subscription for students SlideMagic Ltd Denmark Services include...

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How does InAcademia meet GDPR requirements?

InAcademia achieves privacy by design and privacy by default:  InAcademia only releases confirmation or denial of academic affiliation (and country/home institution where configured to do so) in response to a service provider’s request for a...

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