Why use InAcademia?

Real-time Student Verification

InAcademia is a cost-effective, fast and secure online academic affiliation validation service.

It replaces unreliable email domain-based verification methods, reducing operational overheads. 

Using InAcademia reduces the need to collect and store personally identifiable information such as student cards.

Supports Retail and Online Services

InAcademia helps businesses to protect revenue, by providing vital evidence that a customer claiming to be eligible for niche discounts and services is actually entitled to access them.

InAcademia uses authoritative data sources hosted by academic institutions to provide real-time and trustworthy evidence of academic affiliation, by leveraging the eduGAIN Interfederation.

Privacy by Design and by Default

InAcademia was designed with data minimisation and privacy at the heart of its architecture.

Using InAcademia means that you no longer need to buy and store databases of user data for verification purposes, or exchange personally identifiable information, such as names and email addresses, with third parties in order to reliably verify the academic affiliation of users.

Users can be confident they are not sharing more personal information with you than is necessary.

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