InAcademia for Students

Students, staff and researchers can gain access to educational discounts or special services – quickly, easily and securely

InAcademia for Service Providers

Want to offer special deals for education users but don’t want the cost and delay of verifying paper documentation? InAcademia can help

Do you want to offer student discounts in your online shop?

You need an easy way to find out who is eligible for education discounts? Then InAcademia is the student verification platform for you.


InAcademia offers students a way to verify themselves to retailers.

No need to provide university email addresses or photograph student cards, InAcademia can validate credentials in real-time.

Why institutions should enable InAcademia for their students.

Hans-Peter Ligthart explains the benefits of enabling InAcademia authentication for Universities and students

As part of the GÉANT 2020 Framework Partnership Agreement (FPA), the project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme
under Grant Agreement No. 731122 (GN4-2).