Why should Institutions support InAcademia?

InAcademia makes it possible for Service Providers who have found it technically difficult to join an identity federation to make use of academic identities by providing a lightweight, secure service to third parties without the cost and complexity of developing individual facilities for your institution.

Users at institutions that support InAcademia can benefit from multiple services, and the relative ease of implementation and support effort is expected to lead to a greater number and variety of services available to end users.

Where commercial service providers in eduGAIN are free to request multiple attributes when using federated identity, InAcademia requests only the attributes necessary to confirm academic affiliation, and does not share the attribute values received from IdPs with its downstream services.

Identity federations and institutions can refer local, national and international merchants (third parties offering services to campuses, students and staff) for registration to InAcademia. 

Any surplus income generated by InAcademia will be primarily used to fund the development of services for the academic trust and identity community.

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