Merchants: Registering Your Service

To register as a customer of InAcademia, the InAcademia Service requires some administrative data, and needs to validate some of your technical configuration, as well as to agree terms of business.

This page describes the procedure you need to follow. Our support team will contact you to discuss terms and pricing.

Registration Information

Please complete the following information request form:

    Contractual Information

    This should be the details of the legal entity that will register the service.

    Administrative Data

    This should be the company name and URL of the logo of the service that you'd like to present to users

    Technical Data


    Client Secret: A client secret is *not* used by InAcademia. You may send a Client Secret if your implementation requires you to, but it will be ignored.

    The use of self-signed certificates is not allowed. Free certificates may be obtained at LetsEncrypt, though for production platforms it is probably a better idea to register a longer lived certificate at a certificate authority of your choosing.

    Validation of the information

    When we have received your data, we will proceed with validating it.

    As part of this validation, you must prove that you own the domain of the RedirectURI. To do so, the InAcademia support team will send you a challenge: a string value which you must incorporate into your configuration so it can be validated.

    We support 2 options to prove the domain is yours, assuming the challenge provided is for example “4c69da58bccff54feb90b70d0fa33518e93e1d6e9d6f9dc97f256f9b18f6f4e0”

    HTTPS validation

    • Create a file named 4c69da58bccff54feb90b70d0fa33518e93e1d6e9d6f9dc97f256f9b18f6f4e0 with the following content:
    • validation-code = 4c69da58bccff54feb90b70d0fa33518e93e1d6e9d6f9dc97f256f9b18f6f4e0
    • Place it on the root of the domain:
    • Make sure the proper link is not broken, and can be reached from the Internet:
    • An HTTP(S) request to that resource should return an HTTP(S) 200 response

    DNS validation

    • Add the challenge to a TXT record of your domain: 4c69da58bccff54feb90b70d0fa33518e93e1d6e9d6f9dc97f256f9b18f6f4e0

    Note the challenge will be a unique string each time, so copying the example string from this page will not work, you must use the challenge provided to you by InAcademia support!

    The InAcademia service will notify you when the validation succeeded and the connection is active.

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