Example Validation Flow

Merchants supporting InAcademia could request that a student validates its entitlement to the service or offer during the checkout process. The validation can be initiated either by seamlessly integrating a call to the API within the merchant's registration or payment process, or by using the InAcademia 'I'm a Student' button.

The latter is shown in this example:

When the user starts the validation process, users that are affiliated with an institution that is part of a participating federation will be able to select the relevant institution from a list using a hinting feature and can then enter their normal institutional login credentials:

If the merchant has not implemented the hinting feature, users are presented with a discovery page that will be familiar to eduGAIN users (a mock-up of which is shown here):

Users will be asked to login at their institution...

Prior to the transaction completing, the user will be presented with a consent screen (following a standard federated identity workflow that is familiar to users):

Consenting to the service, will redirect the user to complete the registration or purchasing process, with the discount or proof of eligibility now applied to the finalisation process.
It's as simple as that!
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