1. General

This Service Policy describes the Support and Maintenance Services to Licensees of the InAcademia Service, and may be updated from time to time.

2. Service hours & exceptions

The Service is deemed operational when the application endpoints as described in the InAcademia technical manual (https://github.com/InAcademia/OIDC-implementation/wiki#inacademia-endpoints) are responding.. The following exceptions apply:

  • Planned maintenance windows or service interruptions (“scheduled downtimes”), which will  be announced to customers via email in a timely manner. A standard maintenance window will typically be between 0 and 4 hours, but should a longer outage be required, the Licensor will provide suitable justification.
  • Service incidents causing outage or interruption to service.

The availability calculation excludes:

  • Institutional Identity Providers not being available
  • Institutional Identity Providers not being connected to the InAcademia service for any reason
  • Network interruptions outside of the datacenters of the InAcademia Service

3. Support

During the Pilot Phase, the Support Service for the InAcademia Service can be accessed via support@inacademia.org. All incidents and requests must be submitted via email to support@inacademia.org. The Support and Maintenance Service is provided Monday to Friday, 09:00 – 17:00 UTC+2, with the exception of Public Holidays in Sweden.

Only Licensees of the InAcademia Service are authorised to contact the Support and Maintenance Service. The Licensor is responsible for supporting its own customers and end users.

3.1 Incident handling

The Licensee must report all incidents, queries and general issues via email to support@inacademia.org. The Licensor will respond to incidents raised by the Licensee (provided that the Licensee has first established that the issue is restricted to the InAcademia Service). Reported incidents and disruptions to the agreed service functionality or quality will be handled according to an appropriate priority based on the impact and urgency of the incident. In this context, the following priority guidelines apply:

Priority Description Response Time
Low Common operational issues which do slightly affect the service quality.


  • Single validation failure
  • Low performance
  • Minor software bug
24 hours (support  hours)
Medium Intermittent loss of production service:

An issue that affects the service quality or partly interrupts the service usage.


  • Major software bug
  • Minor security/privacy issue
8 hours (support hours)
High Total loss of production service:

Critical issue that prevents the service usage completely or major security vulnerabilities.


  • Service downtime
  • Service not accessible
  • Major security/privacy issue
2 hours (real time)

3.2 Fulfilment of service requests

In addition to resolving incidents, standard service requests (e.g. information requests, documentation) may be fulfilled through the defined support channels in the same way as incidents. Service requests are classified as “Low”.

4. Communication, reporting & escalation

4.1 General communication

The following contacts will be generally used for communications related to the service in the scope of this SLA:

Contact details
InAcademia general contact info@inacademia.org
InAcademia Service Manager admin@inacademia.org
InAcademia Service Desk support@inacademia.org

4.2 Regular reporting

As part of the fulfilment of this SLA and provisioning of the service, the following reports will be provided:

Report title Contents Frequency Delivery
Status Report
  • Availability statistics, trends
  • Service market share
  • SLA review results
Biannual Provided publicly on the InAcademia website [A]
Service Report Current performance according to service targets

  • SLA violations
  • Change plan
  • Service improvement plan
  • Important events
Quarterly Delivered to customers via email

4.3 Escalation & complaints

For escalation and complaints, the defined service provider contact point shall be used, according to the following escalation path:

Level Contact Response Time
1 InAcademia General Contact 72 hours
2 InAcademia Service Manager 48 hours

5. Registration

As part of the registration process for InAcademia (see https://inacademia.org/register/), the Licensee is required to validate some technical configuration attributes and to provide the following data via email to support@inacademia.org. Completing the registration process, including the supply of administrative and technical data, and completing the https, redirectURL and DNS validation processes is mandatory.

To secure communications between the InAcademia service and the clients, the use of a valid https certificate for the RedirectURL is mandatory. The use of self-signed certificates is not allowed and may result in termination of the service. The InAcademia service will notify you when the validation succeeded and the connection is active.