Definition: Affiliation types

InAcademia is capable of validating the following values: student, employee, faculty, staff, member, as defined by the eduPerson Schema, eduPerson Affiliation definitions. InAcademia uses eduGAIN as the basis of its identity authentication process...

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Definition: Employee

An affiliation type describing an individual who works part-time or full-time under a contract of employment at the Institution, and has recognized rights and duties.

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Definition: Faculty

An affiliation type describing an employee of an Institution who has specific duties around learning, teaching and/or research.

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Merchant: Institution

An institution is an organisation which fulfills at least one of the following criteria: the organization is dedicated to education and research and grants academic degrees according to ISCED 2011 [ISCED] or equivalent internationally recognized...

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Definition: Student

An affiliation type describing a person who is enrolled at or attends classes at an institution. The definition will vary according to local/national policies.

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