FAQs for Merchants

What is InAcademia?

InAcademia is the real-time, digital equivalent of asking a student or academic to show you their university or student card in order to access or buy your services and products. Using InAcademia will mean that you no longer need to rely on...

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Can the affiliation validation be trusted?

InAcademia uses data that universities and research institutions maintain about their users so that they can provide their own services to users effectively and securely. This data comes directly from the organisation’s internal identity and access...

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How much does InAcademia cost to use?

InAcademia Service is subject to a ‘per validation’ fee that will be invoiced regularly. In circumstances where the merchant requesting access to InAcademia operates to non-profit principles, it might be possible to use InAcademia for free. Please...

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Where is InAcademia available?

InAcademia is being used in live retail workflows in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Greenland, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Malta, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands and Turkey. It is permitted for use across Europe and will become available in other...

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