InAcademia is a new service developed by the GÉANT Project to enable students, staff and academic faculty members to gain discounts and offers from a wide range of commercial on-line service providers InAcademia is the digital equivalent of the showing student card. It proves affiliation without transferring personal data.

It builds on the infrastructure and polices of eduGAIN interfederation to provide a quick, simple and secure authentication method.

Usually when members of your organisation wish to connect to a service you need to agree policies and attribute release rules between your campus IdP and the Service Provider. This can be time consuming and may use lots of resource within your organisation and the Service Provider and so connections to commercial organisations may not be viable.

This is where InAcademia can help. 

Because InAcademia acts as a “proxy” service provider between the commercial service providers and the Identity Providers there is only one connection to be enabled.  InAcademia then manages the relationships with the Service Providers.

InAcademia passes no personal information to the Service Provider – it merely validates or rejects information passed to it.

Why should I opt-in to connect to InAcademia?

  • Benefits to Staff and Students – Using InAcademia, students, researchers and staff will be able to access special deals from a wide range of on-line suppliers.
  • Simple One-time Opt-in – By opting-in once to InAcademia, all participating and future Service Providers will be enabled without the need for campus staff to work with multiple third parties.
  • Reduced Workload – InAcademia unburdens IdP and federation operators both in terms of technical work (integration support), bureaucracy (paperwork is done by InAcademia), communication and community work (no need to ask IdP administrators to release attributes to each new service.
  • Private and Secure – InAcademia validates the user status but there is no direct information exchange between IdPs and the commercial service providers using InAcademia.
  • No cost to the Institution – InAcademia, as part of the GÉANT Project, collects fees from the service providers to cover the cost of the service. GÉANT is owned by the participating NRENs and funds will be used to support developments and improvements to services.

How to enable InAcademia

Enabling InAcademia is very straightforward.  Because InAcademia acts as a Service Provider the process is just like adding any other Service Provider for your users.

Step 1

Check if your University already supports InAcademia. We have developed a quick check for InAcademia support here. Use this link to check your current status.

If the test is passed, congratulations, you’re done and your users can be verified with InAcademia. If not, please continue to step 2.

Step 2

Ensure that your IdP releases the attributes eduPersonScopedAffiliation and a Persistent NameID to the InAcademia SP (entityID

  • If your federation is a hub & spoke federation (e.g. SURFconext, ,…) please ensure that your organisation opts-in for InAcademia and thus allows users to access the InAcademia service. If unsure how to do this, please contact your federation operator
  • If your federation is a full mesh federation (e.g. SWITCHaai, UKAMF, …) please ensure that your IdP contains an attribute release rule for releasing attributes to SPs that support the CoCo or create a specific release rule for InAcademia

If you are unsure about the process of opting in for InAcademia please contact us