How to position your brand as a Customer eXperience leader

How to position your brand as a Customer eXperience leader

The phrase “the customer is always right” rings true in today’s digital age, as businesses increasingly see the direct correlation between customer satisfaction and brand success. 

Online shoppers are in pursuit of brands that see the world through their eyes, leaning into the “CX leaders” who revolve their entire ethos around genuine connection and positive experience. Ensuring your Customer eXperience is the best it can be is essential to success.

From understanding how to balance artificial intelligence with human touch, to guaranteeing online processes that are just as smooth as they are secure, these are the crucial factors that you should be factoring into your CX strategy. 

Leveraging data-driven personalisation

According to Deloitte’s research, the brands that provide a higher degree of personalisation are 1.5 times more likely to enhance customer loyalty than those that don’t. As technology’s capabilities continue to grow, instant personalisation is the future. Online experiences will be tailored in real-time to reflect who the customer is, how they’re feeling, and how they’re likely to shop at any given moment, emphasising the importance of data-driven decision-making. 

Balancing tech with human touch 

Businesses that incorporate artificial intelligence into their digital commerce are expected to achieve at least a 25% improvement in customer satisfaction, revenue or cost reduction, as reported by Gartner. However, understanding how to balance technology with human touch is equally vital for ensuring personable and interactive online experiences. As the modern generation walks hand-in-hand with generative AI, and businesses learn how to continually adapt to ever-evolving updates, real CX leaders never forget their non-robotic roots. Just as it’s important to utilise AI to speed up and smoothen your customer’s online experience, your brand’s personality is your biggest selling point, so align yourself with platforms that fit your narrative. 

Demonstrating total security and transparency 

Given the modern tendency to spend a good portion of our lives online, customers caught up in the tech revolution are more security savvy than ever. In fact, McKinsey revealed that the vast majority (87%) of customers simply won’t engage with a brand if they have reservations about its security policies. The pressure to integrate rapidly evolving technology into online processes can put data privacy at risk without proper research, so integrating with tech partners who prioritise data trust is essential for any CX leader. 

Customer eXperience includes ensuring the user has the lowest possible friction during the purchasing process – this friction can include needing to set up accounts, remember infrequently used passwords or using unusual systems and processes that can cause worry and concern.

InAcademia can help you to consistently align your brand with your customers needs – whether that’s providing a quicker, seamless shopping experience, or proving your trustworthiness with our secure student verification service. 

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