Privacy by Design

When it comes to their users’ data, Institutions are committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulations. Whilst this quite rightly protects the users, the consequence is that it can make it difficult to engage with merchants who want to offer services with preferential rates and terms to users and faculty, but expect the Institution to validate that their users are entitled to those services. Institutions cannot simply release the data, and often merchants find it difficult to use federated identity solutions. InAcademia helps with data minimisation by introducing a lightweight process for cases where merchants need a simple validation of academic affiliation, without the need for exchange of personal data, therefore reducing the risk and cost of setting up services. This means that users can benefit from services in a privacy-preserving manner.

InAcademia does not interfere in any way with the transaction between student and merchant, and the content of the shopping basket or nature of the registration process is invisible to the service, and having been designed to be privacy preserving.

Find out why InAcademia’s Privacy Preserving processes are important to the student community

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