Verification for major audio and video streaming services enabled through InAcademia

Companies that offer their services over the Internet, such as Spotify , are willing to make specific discounts to students or members of the academic community in general, but for this to be possible, there must be a simple procedure to verify that who benefits from the discount is entitled to do so.

This is where InAcademia comes into play , the service developed by GÉANT for the online validation of the academic community, which entered production in February 2020 and is available to facilitate access to offers in special academic licensing for software, and discounts on retail goods.

Spain, through RedIRIS , is together with the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, France, Italy and Sweden, one of the pioneer states in adopting the InAcademia service for online validation of the academic academic community. The InAcademia initiative helps students to obtain discounts on services such as Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, Autodesk, Amazon, Adobe, Tableau and SoundCloud whilst protecting their privacy.

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