FAQs for Students

How does InAcademia meet GDPR requirements?

InAcademia achieves privacy by design and privacy by default:  InAcademia only releases confirmation or denial of academic affiliation (and country/home institution where configured to do so) in response to a service provider’s request for a...

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What services are registered with InAcademia?

Country Service Operating Merchant Austria educom.at, edustore.at and educlub.at Edustore GmbH ubook.at ACP TechRent SlideMagic free pro subscription for students SlideMagic Ltd Denmark Services include Spotify International. Refer to all downstream...

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Can a user sign up to InAcademia?

A user’s institution can opt into InAcademia via its national identity federation, but a user cannot sign up personally as we do not offer the service directly to end users. Users should speak with their Institution’s IT department to ask for...

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Is InAcademia secure?

InAcademia is a safe and secure way to take advantage of academic-only deals without having to share personal documentation with each retailer. What is great about InAcademia is that it uses an existing University ID to authenticate users.  When the...

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What is InAcademia?

InAcademia is a service that can be used* by organisations to validate if a potential customer is entitled to its academic discounts and services. InAcademia does not form part of the supply chain in buying the product or service, instead it’s an...

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